The One Where She Starts A Blog





And after 10 minutes of sitting here staring at my screen, wondering how you start one of these things – a joke? a quote? – , I’ve decided to start by telling you a little about the “she” behind the blog I hope this turns into.


Probably my favorite description of myself happens to be the bio of my twitter: “Sports-loving, wine-drinking, anime-watching, science nerd.” That, at least, described my college self very well. The 4 months later, post-grad me has thrown herself into binge-watching Netflix and wedding planning since quitting her first big-girl job 3 days in. My days are now a combination of Friends (hopefully you caught the reference from this blog post title), doctor shows, HGTV, and Food Network – I have subscribed to magazines of the latter two, which I now read religiously as I avoid applying to graduate school to pursue my career in biology.

I do this from home – a small house in a small town where I live with my soon-to-be husband. Our house was built over 100 years ago and has plenty of room for improvement, which I have taken upon myself to do with my newfound, expert knowledge of everything HGTV. This brings us to the (hopeful) center of my blog: DIY house improvements. Of course with frequent cooking, puppy, and life interruptions. From painting flower pots to tearing down walls, come follow my learning adventure in “flipping” my house and becoming a housewife!



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